Mindfulness In Motion 1-Day Workshop

Raise The Bar: Mental Fitness Matters

Send your team away for the day to learn mindfulness before the year ends, and benefit from freshly tuned minds next year!

Now proactively used by many of the world’s leading companies, mindfulness is widely recognised as a powerful, low-cost & time-effective tool to improve employee well-being & mental functioning, as well as enhancing staff retention.

The Mindfulness In Motion One Day Workshop, facilitated by Lozang Tsultrim, is for organisations who value empowering its people with knowledge and skills that go beyond traditional workplace learnings.

Your team will be challenged by new insights into the mechanics of the mind, whilst learning practical everyday mindfulness skills from an experienced but very humble international facilitator of mindfulness courses.

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Who's Speaking?

Mindfulness Teacher
B. Soc Sc; B. Couns; M Int Stud. Lozang Tsultrim, formerly known as Carla Pearse, has over 20 years experience ...
Shaun Pearse
Shaun Pearse
Shaun Pearse is a Brisbane-based entrepreneur, creative consultant, and keen advocate for the advantages & ...
1Welcome & IntroductionShaun Pearse 08:15 AM - 08:30 AM
2Morning Session #1LOZANG TSULTRIM 08:30 AM - 10:00 AM
3Morning Tea15 Min
4Morning Session #2LOZANG TSULTRIM 10:15 AM - 12:15 PM
5Lunch45 Min
6Afternoon Session #1LOZANG TSULTRIM 01:00 PM - 02:45 PM
7Afternoon Tea15 Min
8Afternoon Session #2LOZANG TSULTRIM 03:00 PM - 04:45 PM

Available Dates

May 2018 dates TBA.

Topics Include

Mindfulness 101 – Why mindfulness?

The importance of the present moment

Understanding how our mind creates our world

Recognising helpful vs unhelpful thoughts

Mindfulness techniques you can implement every day

Working on our thoughts, feelings & actions in our daily lives

Mindfulness in motion – at work, home, everywhere we go

Who Should Register?

Employers & business leaders who consider their employees’ well-being a top priority, & value the benefits of introducing new knowledge & practices into the workplace that have a positive impact on employee health & performance.

Our workshop truly is for anybody, no matter your age, gender, cultural or spiritual background. If you’re human, this is for you.

We look forward to hopefully connecting with you at a workshop soon!

Corporate Ticket Packages

$459per employee
20+ Registrations
  • Entrance
  • Full Day Workshop
  • Tea/Coffee
  • 3 x Catered Meals
  • Take-home Learning Materials
  • Mindfulness In Motion Certificate
$549per employee
1-3 Registrations
  • Entrance
  • Full Day Workshop
  • Tea/Coffee
  • 3 x Catered Meals
  • Take-home Learning Materials
  • Mindfulness In Motion Certificate

Why Attend?

Learn Mindfulness

Decades of studies with tens of thousands of practitioners is an excellent indication that mindfulness works! Tsultrim has years of experience teaching people how.

Boost Your Performance

Sharpen skills like attention, memory, focus, & emotional intelligence. Helping you become a more confident, thoughtful, effective & successful person.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Mindfulness can strengthen your ability to regulate your emotions & lower anxiety, boosting your resilience & performance during stressful work or life situations.

Improve Your Health

Beyond the many mental health benefits of mindfulness, it can also improve general health, including preventing illness & disease, better sleep, & weight-loss.

Improve Your Relationships

Learning how to recognise when your mind is leading you astray can help you develop a deeper sense of self-awareness & nurture the empathy that you project onto others.

Enhance Your Creativity

Mindfulness exercises create a more meditative & relaxed state of mind, encouraging divergent thinking, often when we come up with our greatest insights & ideas!

Exercises For Everyday

Allow yourself to be taught mindfulness & specific meditation techniques that you can use everyday to start transforming both your physical self & your inner self.

Be Your Best in 2018!

Adding simple, but effective mindfulness techniques to your everyday conscious experience can truly have the greatest impact on the quality of your life forever.

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Mindkraft also runs a fantastic 1-Day Mindfulness Workshop for professional teams. For the latest schedule visit: www.mindmotion.com.au.